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We provide a quiet, focused, patient centered and professional consultation environment. The aim is to provide you with a professional clinical process in an unpressurised, relaxed environment.

A key element of successful manual intervention is the establishment of an informed and intelligent working diagnosis. The clinical experience, research and postgraduate qualifications possessed by Dr McGrath are unique to osteopathy and indeed to manual care in New Zealand and Australia.

Dr McGrath applies evidence informed diagnosis, manual treatment and management to a wide range of usual musculoskeletal pain presentations. With a special interest and postgraduate qualification in occupational health practice, he is likewise well placed to evaluate your workplace and to manage a variety of neuro-musculoskeletal work related injuries. Further special interest and research expertise in the sacroiliac region informs his management and treatment of pregnancy related pelvic pain, 'sacroiliac joint pain', period pain (dysmenorrhoea), 'trochanteric' lateral hip pain, jaw and facial pain, age related joint pain (degenerative or arthritic). Dr McGrath is well placed to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the relief of your pain, to your functional abilities and to your on-going well being. Dr McGrath may also refer you for relevant investigations or to another health professional as required.

From a consultant perspective, Dr McGrath is pleased to offer a second opinion regarding any physical treatment that you may be undertaking, or considering undertaking.

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